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5 Major Design Mistakes – Living Room

Choosing A Paint Color First                  

Paint colors are a huge part of the design of a room, that’s why you don’t want to choose them first. Once you’ve settled on some furniture and rug options, you can then explore which colors fit with the fabrics you have chosen 

Buying Furniture Without Measuring            

This tip may seem straightforward, but is an important step nonetheless! A showroom floor can look a lot different in size than your living room, for example. What may look really good all put together in the store may not fit in the space you have for it. 

Shopping At Just One Store     

You probably have your favorite home goods store, or maybe it is Home Goods… But you can really find some great pieces that go together at multiple stores. Plus each has their own personality and design choices. All good things when pulling together a winning design! 

Buying the Whole Set         

A controversial topic to some, buying a whole set can really hinder your design and offer a bland step and repeat structure. Instead, look for one major piece and then build around it. Not matching everything perfectly adds a flavor and personality to your space. 

Not Making A Bold Choice                       

Bold design choices can seem difficult to make and like a risk. But you don’t get to reap the reward if you don’t take the risk! Taking a calculated risk every now and then can brighten your space and you can still tie it together with some muted pieces later. This can help you avoid 5 major design mistakes in your living room.

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