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5 Most Popular Ways to Configure Your Backsplash 

Just A Few Inches Above the Countertop                 

Kitchen backsplashes have many different configurations. One being a uniform couple of inches above the countertop. This gives a uniform look throughout while providing the protection a backsplash requires. 

Nothing Can Stop Me, I’m….All the Way Up          

All the way up to the ceiling, especially when your home has an exhaust fan similar to this one, gives function as well as style. Protecting the wall around your exhaust fan can be important, as well as adding an additional, decorative touch with a nice tile pattern. 

A few Inches Above…All Around    

Similar to the first backsplash we touched on, this backsplash rises a few inches off the countertop. The distinguishing detail here is that it is uniform all around, even behind appliances such as the stove in this case. 

Cabinet Stoppage        

This kitchen doesn’t have a natural conclusion on the right hand side. That’s why it’s up to the design of it to tell you where it begins and ends. This backsplash uses the end of the cabinets as it’s natural conclusion as well. 

Ending at the Wall                      

The cabinets in this kitchen don’t stretch all the way to the left wall, leaving a decision to be made. The backsplash here is more of a statement accent wall than just a normal tile backsplash and shows where the end of the kitchen is. 

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