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5 Decluttering Projects You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less

Clean Off the Kitchen Counter                 

The kitchen counter can become a catch all for everything from mail to food to pots and pans. Cleaning it off and getting that space back makes cooking quick, weeknight dinners easier as well as weekend creations. It also adds to the general feel of being comfortable in your home! 

Clean Out or Organize A Few Kitchen Cupboards         

Similar to the kitchen counter, the cupboards can become a catch all and an eyesore. It’s easy to just shut the door and forget about it, but a quick half hour of time can really make a difference! 

Work on One Bookcase   

Have you looked into what has made it’s way into your bookcase? There might be some lost treasures in there and others that might need to make the free library donation trip. With so much emphasis on e books and audio books these days, make sure the ones you own paper copies of are ones you use and enjoy! 

Sort the Toy Chest        

Play time is necessary but so is cleanup. Toys can get scattered throughout the house sometimes faster than they can get picked up. Building in some cleanup time with the little ones can be a great lesson time as well as give you that peace of mind! 

Clean Your Desktop/Workspace                     

Normally you’re in your in your workspace to…work. However, amidst the chaos sometimes things can get messy. Using just a few minutes a week can really help make the difference and give you that needed motivation. 

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Nathan Svoboda President
I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. I grew up around construction, remodeling, maintenance and all of that, my dad was one of those fix anything types and so we never called someone to come work on the house. I also was able to tag along with my dad when he had a job of his own to complete that had to do with construction or remodel or repair. Throughout high school and college I worked in the trades doing everything from carpentry to concrete in both residential and commercial applications. I also ran my own cabinet shop while in high school and college and knew that I wanted to work for myself and go out on my own in business, I graduated with a Bachelors of science in business administration and small busienss management in 2014. I met my wife Danielle while working maintenance for our churches summer camp, Danielle and her family were all from Wichita Kansas. After graduation I married Danielle and we moved to Wichita Kansas to start our own journey. I started Wichita Home works in 2015 with just one main floor kitchen remodel and one guy doing the work, it went very well and the rest is history. We built some key relationships along the way while learning and building wichita home works, we spun off quite a few businesses and divisions such as Integrity trade services, and complete concrete solutions, mainly out of necessity. We found it increasingly difficult to find trades that would live up to our high expectations and therefore we decided to do it ourself.

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