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How to Choose Kitchen Countertop Colors

White with Wisps of Color               

One of the most popular types of countertops is some kind of white with marbles of color. You can get as creative and ornate as you want or just keep it simple! 

Pure White     

If you’re into contemporary minimalism, pure white countertops may be for you. Just be cognizant of the amount of cleaning required to keep them looking fresh! 


Wood countertops are a very popular choice, offering many different variations. Butcher block countertops are very popular right now, however there are many more combinations and opportunities! 

Midtones and Metal          

Midtones and metal countertops are sure to impress as they are quite unique! Like in this kitchen, these tones and materials can provide the needed pop of different colors and give your space the elevated feel it needs! 

Dark or Black                   

Dark countertops look semi gothic to some but also can appear perfectly harmonious in some situations. If you have dark cabinets and other elements of your kitchen, darker countertops may be for you! 

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