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Top 5 Spaces for Kids

Functional Minimalism              

For those who aren’t in a place to remodel a room entirely, embracing functional minimalism is the way to go! Find a few, nice pieces of furniture that are comfortable and some nice decorations and you’re set! 

Two Tone Dreamin    

This room makes me think of one in a beach house, which sounds amazing in January. However, if you’re looking to add some personality, this two tone look can bring you limitless possibilities for customization!  

Sleep Heaven     

If you’re not looking forward to those sleepless nights, a darker theme could help foster catching those “Z’s” 

Fostering Imagination          

Building a fort as a kid is a fond memory, bring the teepee indoors in the wintertime to keep the imagination going!  

Green Thumb in the Making                  

Incorporating plants into the room creates fresh air as well as a bright spot for learning to thrive! 

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